Our judges include independent trade and business executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and business educators. 

Judging of entries will begin in January. The chair(s) for the Judging Committee will be recruited annually and will invite senior-level executives to join them. Other judges can apply to judge by contacting jackie@routepr.agency and if accepted, will be assigned categories by the STAR Awards, based on their industry, function, and experience.

Each entry will be reviewed and rated by no fewer than five judges who have been approved as qualified (by the STAR team and Chair) to judge those entries.

Rating will be done on a scale of 1-10.

Entries will be named semi-finalists and finalists and automatically be eligible for Gold, Silver, or Bronze STAR Award status.

Winners will be announced at a gala dinner and award ceremony and must attend the Awards’ Dinner. All finalists will ultimately be named Gold, Silver or Bronze STAR Award winners.

Semi-finalists, finalists and winners will ALL have the right to promote their status. There is an option to purchase additional STAR trophies and certificates.

The veracity of claims made in entries may be audited. Any entry found to contain false or misleading information will be disqualified. Winners’ information will be shown on the STAR website.